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Thanks to a generous grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, we will be recording the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde score at the end of March. The DVDs should ship by mid to late April. Pre-order yours now!

• Bassoon – Kelly Cunningham
• Percussion & Piano – Brantley Bacon
• Violin – Aron Fazzari 
• Violin – Giselle Hillyer
• Viola – Ruby Fulton
• Cello – Ruth Boden
• Double Bass – Micah Millheim
• Conducted by Alan Gemberling
• Music by Dylan Champagne

Directed by John S. Robertson

Produced by Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky

Written by Thomas Russell Sullivan, Clara Beranger

Based on The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Starring John Barrymore, Martha Mansfield,
Charles W. Lane, Nita Naldi Produced by Famous Players-Lasky/Artcraft Pictures

Released March 18, 1920

83 minutes

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a classic tale of Victorian repression and withstands the test of time not only because of John Barrymore’s astounding performance, but also because the narrative contains so many relevant themes: addiction, repression, sexual predation, duality, mental illness, good vs. evil, fear of the unknown, star-crossed love, ethical concerns about scientific developments, and the nature of character. In writing music for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – perhaps because the question of personality and character is so central to the film – I found myself vacillating between the vantage point of an impartial observer and the perspective of individual characters. I became interested in developing distinct musi- cal lexicons for these different characters and perspectives, and then seeing how these lexicons could interact, blend, and transition between, depending on what was on screen. I also tried to build in a little unpredictability, allowing the conductor to finesse things in real-time, in hopes of allowing for an organic relationship between the music and the film that might reflect, at least subtly, the inherent instability of personality at the movie’s core.

In some ways Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is an ancient story that we tell over and over again; a story about attempting to overcome humankind’s baser and animalistic origins. It has echoes of the Fall, replete with temptation and forbidden fruit, as well as Faustian overtones, and overt shades of hubris from Greek tragedy. My hope is that I’ve honored some of these larger themes, allowing them to permeate the musical land- scape, while simultaneously populating that landscape with the details and idiosyncrasies of individual characters and personalities.

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